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Need to know more about car wrapping in London? See the process from beginning to end, for a full car wrap.
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What is Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle or car wrapping where a vehicle can be completely covered in full coloured film. Previously this could only be done by hand painting the vehicles. Today however, vehicle wrapping is achieved using large sheets of printed vinyl that can be easily applied and removed from all vehicle surfaces.

Car wrapping enables you to have a fresh colour for your car. Make your car look the way you want, with the colour you want and finish you'd love.

Vehicle wrapping can be produced using either a solid colour, which will last up to 10 years or by full colour digital printing which will last up to 5 years.  Using the latest technology, along with vinyl materials we are now able to transform the appearance of your vehicle.

This can all be done without the need for any costly or permanent re-spraying. Using the latest in vinyl technology the options open to you are endless in terms of colour, texture and print, with no paint, no mess and no risk to your vehicle in the process.

Vinyl wrap can be removed at any time and returning your vehicle to it’s original finish. A vinyl wrap will not only improve the look of your vehicle, but will protect it from stone chips, sun damage, and minor scratches, what’s more it cost so much less than a re-spray.

Our application team are all fully trained, highly experienced and are familiar with the very high standards that are expected by all of our customers.

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